Oxford Journals Online Read and Publish

08 Mar 2023

Dear Members of Istanbul Technical University,

A 3-year Read and Publish (R&P) Agreement has been signed with Oxford Journals Online, which we subscribe to within the scope of the Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS).  Details regarding the agreement are presented below:
  • Corresponding authors affiliated to the institutions participating in the consortium will be able to publish unlimited open access publications in hybrid journals in the Oxford Journals Online 2024 Journal Collection, in the publication types of "research article, review article, brief report, case report" without receiving Article Processing Charge- APC.
  • In the annex, the journal information within the scope of the agreement is included in the Journal List to be Supported for Open Access in 2024.
  • Between 2024 and 2026, new Hybrid Journals that join the Oxford Journals Online journal package will also be included in the R&P agreement.
  • The 9 journals that were Hybrid in 2023 and became Open Access in 2024 will remain in the R&P agreement, which you can see in the attached list. During the 3-year agreement, titles that switch from Hybrid to Open Access will also be included in the R&P agreement.
  • A 15% APC discount will be applied for publications in Open Access journals.

Oxford Journals Online 2024 Journals List

You are required to use your institutional e-mail account when submitting the articles you want to be published in Open Access to the journal. 

Best regards
ITU Library and Documentation Department