Interlibrary Loan (ILL):

ILL forms
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ILL is a service whereby a user of one library can either borrow library materials or receive their photocopies that are owned by another library through reciprocal lending arrangements.

ULAKBİM Catalogue of Periodicals: link 

A. Rules for ITU Community;


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) enables eligible ITU affiliates to borrow material from other libraries, research centres and universities and obtain copies of articles or book chapters from titles that are not owned or available at ITU Libraries.

ITU Libraries also lends materials to patrons of other libraries through reciprocal lending arrangements.

General Rules:

  1. Eligible ITU affiliates for ILL service are:

  2.       a) ITU academic staff,
          b) ITU administrative staff,
          c) ITU students.


  3. Eligible ITU affiliates can request library materials through ILL only for themselves and not for someone else.
  4. Before submitting ILL form, users should first check the availability of the materials at the ITU Libraries by catalogue search or through e-journals and databases through this link:
  5. If ITU Libraries do not have the items you would like to borrow, you should fill in the appropriate form through

  6. Patron Type
    # of materials to be borrowed through ILL
    Photocopy request (1 month)
    Academic Staff
    10 30
    Administrative Staff
    5 10
    5 15
  7. Before submitting the ILL form, be sure to fill out the form promtly and without using any abbreviation. It would be better to indicate ISSN for the periodicals and ISBN for the books. For each item you would like to request through ILL, you must fill out a separate request.


  8. ILL forms; which are not filled out promtly, will not be processed by the librarian and the patron will be informed about the situation by e-mail.


  9. In case of any change within the e-mail accounts of the user, s/he must notify the Library at the circulation desks or send en e-mail to
  10. The users must return ILL books ontime. The rules of lending library are applied to the overdue, lost or damaged ILL books and the user has to obey these rules.
  11. The ILL borrower must return the book on time and benefit from the material inline with the copyright restrictions.
  12. The users who has overdue items on their accounts or if the user has unpaid charges, cannot benefit from ILL service.
  13. If the user does not collect the requested material from the Library within 1 month or does not pay for the ILL service, the user cannot benefit from borrowing or ILL services of the Library.
  14. The user will be held responsible for the costs which couuld be derived from the ILL service (photocopying or mailing fees).
  15. The requests which cannot be obtained nationwide, the material could be obtained from abroad upon the request of the user. Be informed that each university has its own price policy for the requested items. Therefore, the user must indicate the rate of maxiumum amount in US Dollars, which s/he can pay for ILL service. The user will be held responsible for all the costs of ILL service provided from abroad: (ILL service fee paid for the lending Library, shipment and customs fees).

B. Interlibrary Services for non-ITU Patrons

  1. ITU Library materials can only be loaned to the university libraries.
  2. The administration of the university libraries, which would like to benefit from ILL service provided by ITU, must inform its authorized staff regarding ILL transactions to the ITU library administration. First-time users will be required to fill out a registration form before proceeding: Form 4
  3. Only the authorised staff of the university libraries can place arequest for ILL.
  4. Non-ITU individual patrons wishing to borrow material from ITU Library collections should have their local interlibrary services department contact the Interlibrary Lending Service. Bear in mind that non-ITU individual patrons cannot request ILL service in person.
  5. The requester library should contact ITU librarian through:,
          a) Faks ile 212 285 33 02
          b) e-mail ile
          c) Mail,
          Head of Deparment of İTÜ Library and Documentation
          Mustafa İnan Library
          Interlibrary Loan Department
          Ayazağa Campus Maslak/ İSTANBUL/TURKEY
  6. The requests can be placed through,
          a) ILL Book/Photocopy Request Form
          b) forms in the automation system used by the library
          c) forms prepared by the library
  7. Requests will be shipped by cargo service. The requested library will be held responsible for all of the fees regarding the shipment (cargo and photocopy fees).
  8. The maxiumum # of books or photocopies to be requested via ILL is 10 and the lending period is 30 days (including the shipment).
  9. Renewals are not allowed for ILL items.
  10. The borrower library and the librarian will be held responsible for the lost or damaged ILL materials (including the losses or damages arised during shipment).
  11. Reference, reserve and audio-visual materials, periodicals, theses, dissertations, standards, rare books, archive copies and the materials which are not allowed to be used outside ITU libraries cannot be requested by ILL service.
  12. The rules of ITU library administration are applied to the overdue, lost or unreturned ILL materials.
  13. The requesting library must comply with the copyright rules and is responsible for returning the material within its due date.
  14. ITU Libraries reserve the right to recall the ILL material before its due date.

Contact Information

Telephone 0 212 285 30 13 / 66 16
Faks 0 212 285 33 02