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Important Note : E-content which could be reached through this page is licensed to ITU. ITU and the user may be held resposible for any breach of copyright regulations and unfair use of intellectual and artistic works held in the library. Publishers can track the acts of users and locate the computer by which the abuse occured. Therefore, the user must

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  • not engage in systematic downloading of licensed content,
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  • not facilitate unauthorized access by others (i.e., do not share your ITU Library account password with others).

You may print out or copy only the parts you need, but you must comply with the license terms associated with specific resources as well as the copyright regulations.

Content of e-journals provided by ITU Library is intended for non-commercial, educational, or personal research purposes only. Commercial use of licensed materials is prohibited. For detailed information regarding Copyright & Fair Use.

Electronic Journal List
For Off Campus Access
You can use this service to see the whole list of the full text journals which can be accessed via İTÜ Library. This service presents the list of electronic resources that has full text content with links. If you would like to search for articles in a publisher's all journals, you can follow this link to databases page and you can use the search service on the publisher's web site.