Audio Visual Department

Reservation form for the meeting and conference hall

This department includes non-print materials such as DVDs, VCDs, CDs, diskettes, video cassettes, sound cassettes, etc.


Audio-visual materials supports the educational programmes of the University and cultural needs of the library users, together with the equipment necessary for their use, and they are available under specific conditions.


The collection consists of:

  • Educational materials in the form of DVDs, VCDs, CDs, video cassettes and diskettes,
  • Sound cassettes,
  • Music cassettes and CDs,
  • Films.


Type of material Loan period
DVD,VCD,CD,video cassettes and similar educational materials Teaching staff 1 hafta 1 renewal
ITU students and administrative pers. 1week No renewals
Guest members 3 hours, in the Audio-Visual department
Films and music materials 3 days (72 hours)


  1. Everyone may use audio-visual materials within the department.

  2. Users are responsible for handling materials with care and not damaging them.

  3. In the case of lost or damaged materials, the procedure for lost items will be followed, see p. 19

  4. Prior reservations are necessary to show movies and musical materials to groups. For reservations call: 212 285 6625 or send an e-mail to: keskinf[AT]

  5. Materials out on loan may be reserved.

  6. Teaching staff using the facilities of branch libraries for their needs may request materials that are in the Mustafa İnan Library Audio-Visual Department and that are able to be borrowed, without coming to the library. Requests should be made to the librarian in charge of the branch library; the librarian should complete the form given below and send it by e-mail ( to the Circulation Department of Mustafa İnan Library.

    Title of the material  
    Call no.  
    Barcode no.  
    Name, surname of professor  
    User ID of the professor  
  7. Materials borrowed from Mustafa İnan Library will be sent to branch libraries on Wednesdays.

  8. Loan periods start from the day on which material is sent from Mustafa İnan Library.

  9. Requests may be collected from branch libraries on Wednesday afternoon.

  10. Materials borrowed from Mustafa İnan Library may be returned to either the branch library or Mustafa İnan Library. Items returned to branch libraries by Tuesday evening will be sent to Mustafa İnan Library on Wednesday. After this, overdue procedures start.