Working with open culture components and open licences

24 Apr 2023
CC etkinlik 18.04.2023

Dear members of Istanbul Technical University,

Within the scope of open science awareness activities carried out by our Department, an event will be held with Creative Commons (CC) Turkey team on 26 April 2023 Wednesday at 11:00 on zoom.

In the event where open culture components such as open access, open science, open hardware will be discussed, the question of how to contribute to open culture will be answered while addressing copyright on the basis of reuse and the use of open licences.

Speaker information and registration link are provided below. We would be happy to see you among us and talk about open culture together.


İlkay Holt, Creative Commons Turkey, Community Representative - The British Library

Dr. Orçun Madran, Creative Commons Turkey, Community Leader - Hacettepe University

Activity video recording link 
Presentation link 

Best Regards
ITU Library and Documentation Department