Publishing in Cambridge Journals Online Open Access Journals

22 Nov 2021

Dear Members of Istanbul Technical University,

In 2021, we will continue our subscription to Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) as ITU Mustafa Inan Library.

A special collaboration has been achieved during the meetings with Cambridge University Press Publishing specifically for 2021.

For journals defined as Hybrid and Gold Open Access in the Cambridge journal package, authors will not be charged any article processing fee. There will be no limit on the number of articles to be published.

Authors pay an average of USD 3,160 for the processing and publication of an article in Cambridge University Press journals. Thanks to this subscription agreement we made, accepted journal will be able to be published without this payment.

Cambridge University Press journals under the UBYT Incentive Program are shown in the attached list. In the event that an article is published in one of these journals, no charge will be paid and on top o fthis, our academicians will benefit from incentives in relation to corresponding fees.

Best regards

ITU Library and Documentation Department

Add.: UBYT Dergileri 2021 Cambridge